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Air Assist Flocking Applicator
Air Assist Flocking Applicator

Designed to be used with an air compressor at 10 to 15 pounds of air pressure.

Works with just the squeeze of a trigger
1 qt. metal canister included
Additional canisters available
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CP70 Electrostatic Flocker
CP70 Electrostatic Flocker

The CP70 can operate from any electrical outlet or this unit needs only 3 single cell 1.5 volt batteries to do the job.

The unit has a built in generator which produces the necessary voltage and also comes with a power converter that can set voltage from 40 to 70 KV simply by turning a dial.

Three sizes of applicator cups are included with the unit. These make it possible to electrostatically flock almost any size surface and get professional results.


*Special Order may take extra time for delivery.
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CPPLUS Electrostatic Flocker
CPPLUS Electrostatic Flocker

The CPPLUS is light weight (just 2 pounds) and needs no electrical hookup. The CPPLUS runs on 3 single cell 1.5 volt size D batteries.

The medium head holds approximately 3 ounces of 1MM flock. An extra large head that holds 8 ounces of 1MM flock is available for a nominal extra charge.

The 70 KV charge is enough power to move all conventional flock fibers. Current is 0.15 MA.

Approximately 50 hours continuous use possible without replacing batteries.

*Special Order May take longer for delivery.
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Dark Brown Flocking Bulk
Dark Brown Flocking Bulk

$25.00 - $340.00
1 pound will cover approx 48 sq ft (depending on if you reclaim the excess fibers). The color of the flocking can be changed somewhat by the color of paint you use as a base. The fibers are 030" denier length and are uniformly cut. Rayon fibers.
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Electrostatic Flocking Stick
Electrostatic Flocking Stick

The Static Stick is an electrostatic flocking applicator. This applicator is designed to create a static field 3 to 10 from target surface. The design principle is simple. It take low voltage at low amps and sends out high voltage at almost no amps that travels from the positive cup to the negative ground. The flocking material just goes along for the ride.
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Extra Air Assist Canister
Extra Air Assist Canister

1 qt. metal canister for use with our air assist Flocking Gun
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